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Yael Keon

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Hi I’m Yael, an email marketing strategist, consultant and all around guru. I help time-poor small business professionals to create connected and converting email marketing and automation to help their message be seen, create an impact and increase their profit. All in the most efficient way possible. I do this through 1 on 1 consulting, done for you services and an online membership The Email Experience.

Beyond that, I’m mum to 2 pre-schoolers, Imogen (5) and Callum (3) and a fur baby (Oakley). My husband, Martin, works FIFO so is away 3 weeks out of 4. It makes for a full life – and business is what keeps me sane! When I’m not being a mum or business owner, you can find me analysing Survivor strategy, listening to podcasts or tackling puzzles. The only time my brain switches off is when I’m hitting the gym.

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