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Contact: Tracy O’Meara Smith
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Hi, I’m Tracy O’Meara Smith, #healingalchemist I am a Holistic Therapist working from my lush garden hills clinic East of Perth.

I have an amazing tool kit that helps women who find themselves at a time of crisis and in pain be it emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

I specialize in Bowen, Flower Essence, Tissue Salt Therapy. Adding Integrated Therapy Alignment or ITA to my clinic. All create a healing response that connects body, mind, and spirit. Moving my clients from someone in crisis and pain to feeling relief, empowered and a deep sense of inner peace. This is a path to a sense of inner peace, and wholeness.

When we find ourselves in pain or discomfort. Trauma or grief, the mind, and body can only process so much. The work that I do can help the body to relax, let go and allow the mind to find a sense of calm amongst feelings of overwhelm, pain and chaos.

The mind is stimulated through emotion. When we go through pain or deep times in our life, it can get caught up in an endless cycle of processing and constant thinking. My treatments allow the mind to settle so you can let go and feel yourself amongst the chatter, the pain, and the discomfort.

Many of my clients walk away feeling lighter, connected and empowered. They know exactly what they must do and how to do it.

Sometimes surrendering to the moment is the best course of action. Doing nothing and allowing is very much a part of the healing journey. Taking the time to do this is key. Allowing yourself to reach out it imperative.

I don’t believe we should suffer needlessly. The sessions offer can help alleviate discomfort on all levels. Working holistically gives us the opportunity to look at the mind, heart, and soul – all of which in combination are responsible for our wellbeing.

Working in this way – you achieve greater and long lasting results.

I write a very popular energy blog – attuning flower essences with the archetypical system of Astrology.

I’m also a contributor for Boss Mode Radio and guest blog regularly for digital media in Perth and overseas. I love what I do and I love talking about the benefits my clients receive.

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