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Contact: Shannon Bush
Cell Phone: 0403 270 196 Website:


Hi, I’m Shannon Bush, #businessyoda at Creative Possibility. I had someone once say I had a singular purpose and they were right. My singular purpose is to bring effortless success to business. How I deliver my unique method of coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client or company I serve.

In essence, every interaction with me and my team at Creative Possibility is about #makingbusinesseasier

This happens with coaching and training supporting you to

>> maximise your brand
>> attract more of your ideal customers or clients
>> systemise the way you work to create more efficiency so you can do less and achieve more
>> build confidence to market yourself more effortlessly and more…

the best place to go is my website or connect with me on one of the social platforms.

I am a podcast chatterbox at Law of Effortlessness Podcast and curator of my fav place to hang out online, my Facebook group for women in business, Thriving Entrepreneur Circle. I also love to teach and deliver workshops and training related to marketing and business growth frequently and that chatterbox gets more airtime with the regular speaking and MC gigs I have each year.

If you would like to bounce some ideas around about your business book a 30 min virtual chat at h or email my team at

Oh and not to forget, in January 2019 my new book The Thrive Factor, featuring insights into the 12 personal leadership archetypes defined in my Thrive Factor Framework became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. I’m so proud of this work and the oodles of times it has positively changed the lives of women in business.

When I’m not busy business-ing I adore hanging with my loved ones, practising a different kind of balance on my stand up paddleboard, or planning the next travel escape, including planning for upcoming business retreats hosted in a range of fabulous tropical paradises.

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