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Contact: Louise Foppoli


Hello.  My name is Louise and I am the owner of Angela’s Angels.

Angela’s Angels is a meeting place allowing people requiring help and those looking for work to make contact and connect.

I first came up with the idea for Angela’s Angels a few years ago when I needed some help for my mother-in-law and was unable to find someone suitable and reliable.  As a self-funded retiree, the cost for a two hour fortnightly houseclean was in excess of $50ph. My mother-in-law didn’t drive so the role of a traditional cleaner needed to develop further into taking her shopping, to the hairdressers, or the doctors and general outings, helping her to prepare meals and provide company while she ate if family was unable to be there.

From here, the idea “morphed” into helping anyone who requires in-home help. It is perfect for someone recovering from an illness or accident when chores around the house may prove difficult. Organise an Angel to visit a mum just home from the hospital with a new baby and help her to enjoy her baby without feeling guilty about mounting housework. Angels will also drop off/collect children from school and look after them until you get home.

I live in Woodlands with my husband and youngest daughter and our pets. When I’m not working, I love cooking, travelling and spending time with my family.

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