Bringing Wise Matildas together


Wise Matildas is a collaboration between Perth business women, Narelle Wilson, and Liz Green.

They want to bring together a community of women with life and career experience, who share their beliefs that:

  • age is so much more than just a number – it’s a ranking on the experience scale, and the higher numbers are the winners
  • experience should be supported and wholeheartedly celebrated
  • you are capable of trying new things, learning new skills and leaping into new ventures at any age
  • your experience should never, ever be underestimated or undervalued
  • working for yourself is easier if you’re not by yourself


What’s in a name?


Narelle and Liz reached out to women in the Australian small business community
to find out what was meaningful to them, and what resonated.

Then they researched and brainstormed until – they arrived here…



Having or showing experience,

knowledge and good judgement

 Sensible or prudent;

 Having knowledge in a specified subject.


From the German name Mahthildis meaning,

‘strength in battle’ comprising these elements, 

maht ‘might, strength’ and hild ‘battle’.

Are you a Wise Matilda?


We believe your life and work experience are valuable resources you can draw on in every area of your life.

You might not have much experience as a small business owner.

Or you might have come through the other side of launching and growing your business.

Either way, wouldn’t you like to be part of a community with other, wise women
who share encouragement and lean in when one of you needs:

  • some extra insight or advice
  • a boost in the motivation department
  • a cheer squad to celebrate your successes



Our values are innately tied to being great humans while building great
businesses within great communities

Generosity – helping others makes you a better person, the world a better place and your business more attractive to potential clients

Community – striving to bring about positive change in the world around you makes you more purposeful and driven – supporting a charity is a fantastic way to help

Connection – meeting new business friends is good for your heart and mind, and great for your business too

Sincerity – being sincere in your thoughts and actions means you are genuine – when people view you as trustworthy, they’re more likely to do business with you

Supportive – bringing people together, being kind, sharing wisdom and helping build each other up – not tear each other down

If this sounds like you?

Why not join the Wise Matildas and help build a community of like-minded, wise women?

Introducing Liz and Narelle


Narelle and Liz first met at a networking breakfast in 2017, when they were both beginning their solo business journeys.

Narelle was launching Wildwood Studio Gift Boxes, and Liz had just started WhizBang Writing.

Nervous about networking – they didn’t know their elevator pitches from their brand identities! But they got chatting and discovered they were the perfect business match.

They’ve happily worked together as client and copywriter ever since.

Narelle launched her second business, Abstract Business Advisors and, gradually, their professional relationship grew into friendship.

Their shared vision of a business membership for women that celebrates and supports experience, led them to create Wise Matildas.



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