We bring together and support business women who know age is more than just a number, and belIEve experience should be celebrated and valued

A business membership for women that celebrates experience


Have you been searching for a business membership where your life and career experience are celebrated and supported?

Maybe the idea of traditional ‘networking’ in a crowded room makes you want to close the blinds and stay home with your laptop?

Or you’re tired of the constant self-promotion and pitching that happens whenever you go along to a business breakfast, lunch or talk?

We think there’s a better way to connect and a better way to grow your business.

At Wise Matildas, we hear you… and we’re here for you


We believe in community over competition, so we’re big fans of any groups that help women succeed at business or at life.

But we also hear you when you say you haven’t found your community yet. One that supports you and feels like a comfortable fit for you and your business.

Wise Matildas is here to provide a safe, nurturing space for business women with a bit of life or career experience behind them.

We are here to bring you together as part of a community, so you make genuine, meaningful connections with each other – whatever your business.

And we’re here to help you grow your business friendships – online or in person. Because some days you need to talk to people who truly understand your lifestyle.

No business experience? No worries


Are you experienced in life or your career but inexperienced in running a business?

We know solo enterprise can feel scary and downright lonely at times – especially at the start.

But when a few supportive women have your back, truly understand what you’re going through and share their wisdom – it becomes much easier.

Want to join a community of wise, experienced business women who build success by pulling each other together – not apart?

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